Guest Blog: Bryan Simpson On Writing For His Band, Himself And Others

The Whistles & The Bells Bryan Simpson Former Cadillac Sky frontman and occasional hit Nashville songwriter Bryan Simpson has resurfaced with a new project, The Whistles And The Bells. Here he rants about life as a songwriter in Music City. It’s somewhat assumed that the more time spent in a profession leads to an increased knowledge of one’s said profession. If you do something long enough you’ll get better at it quickly, and certainly more proficient, as the process becomes more defined. A good auto mechanic can do a decent job of diagnosing your rambling wreck’s illness by just hearing it huff and puff its way into his garage. A seasoned politician will continue to perfect the art of crafting a lie and hiding the twitch he once had as a young bushy tailed do-gooder, all the while promising something that can’t be delivered with every race he or she runs. But songwriting seems to be another beast in itself; at least for me. The formula for writing a great song seems to be getting further away from me all the time. The more I learn, the less I know kind of thing. The creative process is a deep mystery that I am a long way from solving. ie. Why do I sometimes struggle for one word for two hours in the room with a co-writer and then the moment I leave the room I find the verse spray painted on the kitchen or bathroom walls like graffiti on a New York City subway train. Why do words like “crept" and “electricity” reverberate in my soul while functional words and rhymes like “baby" and “crazy" may me feel like I’m making out with my cousin at a family reunion. I have hunches but I really don’t know. This dragon called songwriting has a lot of skin left to... Sign In to Keep Reading

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