Compose Yourself: Endless Ideas

beatles_2406448b Suppose you’re a songwriter of some renown, and you wake up on a Monday morning with an ugly realization slapping you in the face like a bucket of ice water: You’ve got a meeting with a studio exec on Friday, and you have to work up a group of songs for a new film score. You don’t need just one idea, you need a passel of them. And they better be good—your career and a million bucks are riding on it. Unfortunately, you’ve spent the last three weeks partying in Malibu, signing autographs in Nashville, and emptying out shoeboxes of receipts on the living room floor, because the Taxman is at the door. Your brain feels like a soggy sponge, and your body is a house of pain. Then the panic begins to set in. Sound familiar. Well, the part about soggy Monday morning brain, maybe. And the impending arrival of April 15th does tend to sharpen one’s awareness of the competition between “real” life and the creative life. It ain’t pretty, either: The former is always trying to drown the latter, while Time—that stealthy thief—is not on your side and keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future. So how is your songwriting career coming along. Are you always making excuses for not writing. Are you overwhelmed by the end of the day, too tired to write a word. Does your guitar sound dead. Some people are just damned good at writing songs and never have a problem coming up with ideas or developing them into well-rounded compositions. If this describes you, more power to you. But what about the rest of us. What do we do on a Monday morning with the clock ticking, either on our million-dollar deal or just our everyday desire to be creative. Some of us respond by waiting. We wait for inspiration to strike.... Sign In to Keep Reading

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