Levi Weaver On The Agonies And Ecstasies Of Touring

levy   Singer-songwriter Levi Weaver recently packed up his house and bought an RV so his family could tour the country with him. Weaver’s peripatetic lifestyle weaves its way into the  themes (young love, marriage, death, break-ups) explored on his latest album Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me (Rock Ridge Music, release date - May 13, 2014). Live, he re-imagines these songs as a one-man band, intriguing audiences with loop pedals, dual mics, and a violin bow, which he occasionally applies to his guitar strings. A tireless troubadour, Weaver averages 200 shows per year, often covering upwards of 50,000 miles in travel. Here, he weighs in on the ups and downs of the road-dog lifestyle. Toto should have left the curtain alone. I mean, here was this insane world with witches and singing lions and yellow brick roads and flying monkeys. You finally get to the end of the movie and there’s this boss and there's a technicolor horse and freaking FIRE (which had probably just been invented [right.]). It’s awesome. And at end of it all (sigh), a nonplussed wiseacre agnostic dog pulls back the curtain and there's a sad old man clinging to the last bit of petrol in his tank. It’s a letdown. But perhaps even sadder was the moment when you learned how movies actually worked. There was no real-life tin man; that was a guy who got a job because Jed Clampett was allergic to paint. WHAT IS EVEN REAL. Here's the thing: going on tour is like that. You grow up watching Axl Rose or Dave Matthews or whomever saying things like "how you feeling tonight, Miamaaaaaaaaay.!"  And you watch as the crowd screams an inordinately enthusiastic response, as if to say "WE ARE DOING GREAT SO GREAT LIKE UNBELIEVABLY... Sign In to Keep Reading

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