Are You Marketing Your Music To The Right People?


Now, as you may know, music marketing is important if you want to forward your music career. Marketing is the act of raising awareness of what you do. If you don’t market your music, no one’s going to know it exists. Marketing your music alone isn't enough however; you also need to target the right people if you want to get the most out of your efforts. And as someone who regularly receives sales pitches from musicians, I can see that it's not always clear who you should be targeting. So today I'm going to show you who you should be reaching out to and why. Be sure to read to the end for all the info and a nice surprise later on.

Who You Shouldn’t Market Your Music To

Knowing who not to promote your music to is just as important as knowing who to target. Work on convincing the wrong people to listen to your music and not only will you waste a lot of time and resources, but you won't get many results in return. With that in mind, here are two groups you should avoid marketing to:

1. The General Public (Non Targeted Music Fans)

More or less everyone loves music. That said, it doesn’t mean you should try and convince them all to listen to you. Just because someone likes music, it doesn’t mean they'll like the music you make. People’s taste in music is diverse. Statistically speaking, by trying to market your music to everyone you speak to, you'll encounter more people that aren't into your genre of music than those who are. Furthermore, it’ll only be a small portion of people who are die-hard fans of what you can offer. Approaching everyone is a big waste of your time and energy. Instead, keep your promotions to targeted audiences who can really benefit you in some way. I’ll give examples of these audience as we go on.

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