Guest Blog: Meghann Wright On The City And The Heart

mw Meghann Wright is the founder of The City & The Heart,  a supportive community for emerging independent female singer / songwriters living in New York. TC&TH is dedicated to fostering healthy, prolific music careers through networking, fundraising, and grrrl power. TC&TH is curating upcoming fundraisers for New York Women's Shelter. I began The City and The Heart because I was lost. I still am. Being lost is a beautiful thing. You have nothing to lose, nothing to hold you back. There is only the sea, the sky, and you. I came to New York to make something of myself, like so many millions of people do. I fell in love with the energy, the drive, the mess, the constant destruction and reconstruction of buildings and streets and human lives. I felt “this is where I need to be to make my dreams come true. This is where I need to be to make music.” A couple of years ago, I was approached by a friend to host an open mic at a local dive in the lower east side called The Parkside Lounge. I love that place. The owners, bookers and bartenders are sweet and salt of the earth. In the spirit of partying, I recruited a few friends to play bass, guitar, drums and run sound in case participants wanted a backing band. We drank a shitload of whiskey and had more good times in the span of two years than most people have in a lifetime. I met so many beautiful people. Some of those people reminded me of myself, especially the young women. The young women who came to New York to make something of themselves, who were lost, who had nothing to lose. I was so enthralled by the moments. The moments they walked up to the... Sign In to Keep Reading

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