How to Get Your Music In TV, Movies And More

tc   In 1997, a 15-year old album by a previously obscure (at least in the US) German techno band received a rush re-release in order to sate a sudden surge of demand. Why was the public suddenly clamoring for a recording that had been totally off the radar for a decade and a half. Because that long after it peaked at #33 on the Billboard Dance charts, the song “Da Da Da” by Trio was used in a Volkswagen commercial. Traditionally most musicians don’t exactly dream of hitting the big time by being background music, however any time a film or TV studio, production company or someone else wants to use your composition, they need to pay you for the synchronization license. This practice of Sync Licensing remains one of the most exciting revenue opportunities in the business. It’s an incredible chance to get additional exposure, and in some instances, it even pays off in huge record sales. Take, for example, Fun’s “We are Young:” it jumped from #63 to #3 on the Billboard charts after it was used in the Chevy Sonic’s “Stunt Anthem” Super Bowl ad. While there’s no accurate statistic on how big this market is, it’s safe to say that it’s money that no artist would want to leave on the table. But how does one get in on this potential rent (if not career) making position. As a creative at TuneCore, Pete Rogers works with music supervisors and songwriters every day to place songs in movies, TV shows, commercials and more. He’s provided a few key tips to help songwriters to have a better chance of getting noticed…and paid.

  1. Maintain a social media presence so Music Supervisors can see how actively engaged your fan base is.
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