Video Premiere: Arc Iris, “Lost On Me”

The Artist: musically ambitious art rockers Arc Iris
The Song: “Lost On Me,” from their self-titled debut album.
Fun Fact:  Lead by former Low Anthem member Jocie Adams, the band are often compared to Joanna Newsom and Bjork. They’ll play Bonnaroo and Friday June 13 and  Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival on June 22.
Songwriter Says: “Providence is a beautiful place where people are willing to make art for the sake of making art,” says Adams. “There aren’t many places or people left with this amount of passion or ambition. I feel very blessed to know all of the guys involved in making this video happen and to be involved in such and active and wonderful community.”
Director’s Notes: “It was cold, very cold,” notes director Rob Houllahan. “I think the temp was 8 degrees when we shot this, Jocie had originally wanted to film this in a theatre or bar but somehow we thought of doing it outside in the snow. So I think I said I know place near where I live and that is where we went upon a fresh snow. We had two wind up Bell&Howell 16mm cameras made in Chicago and a Aaton electric 16mm camera made in France, all with Kodak B&W Film in them. Kelly Riley didn’t have the best gloves and his thumb nearly froze to one of the cameras, Julia Liu was prepared for the arctic and I think she lent Kelly an extra pair of gloves. Nora and Owen danced with aplomb in the freezing temperatures while wearing slim clothing. We all went to have a big breakfast with warm drinks after spending several hours out in the cold. It was a fantastic day.”