Disc Makers Goes Back to Its Vinyl Roots

album pressing at Disc Makers The market for vinyl records is growing by leaps and bounds — 35% per year for the last five years, despite a continued decline in total recorded music sales revenue. Due to vinyl’s niche status and strong growth, production capacity has lagged behind, leading musicians and labels to turn to pressing plants as far away as Eastern Europe to get their records pressed. And even with months-long waiting times, artists sometimes receive vinyl test pressings, only to discover they are not up to snuff. Enter - or, more accurately, re-enter - Disc Makers, the pioneers of vinyl record production for indie artists, the trusted one-stop manufacturing shop for any format in which a musician wants to release their music. Returning to equipment the company sold off two decades ago, Disc Makers is now offering high-quality 7 and 12 inch vinyl records in a rainbow of colors, two different weights, and a variety of record jacket packaging. “It’s not back to the future from our perspective; it’s forward to the past,” remarks Disc Makers CEO Tony van Veen. Back in the 1970s and early ‘80s, when musicians wanted to put out their own vinyl record, they had to order the various components (such as lacquer masters, stampers, labels, and record jackets) from as many as seven different manufacturers and get them all shipped to the pressing plant. Disc Makers, which expanded from a traditional record label into manufacturing for other labels and artists, was the original pressing plant to solve this problem. They bundled all the parts together and put a reasonable price on the package, making it easy for artists to get their music on vinyl. This was an approach the company later... Sign In to Keep Reading

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