Guest Blog: Craig Bickhardt On The Song Emerging

craig bickhardt You may have heard Craig Bickhardt's songs in the Academy Award-winning film Tender Mercies or sung by artists such as Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Alison Krauss and B. B. King. He has appeared on Austin City Limits, the Grand Ol Opry, Mountain Stage and has shared the concert stage with Bruce Springsteen, Harry Chapin, Hank Williams Jr. and dozens of legendary performers in a career that spans more than four decades. His new album, The More I Wonder, is available here.

 I live for those days when the songs emerge unexpectedly as if from half-forgotten dreams. Some mornings, if I remain still and keep my eyes closed I can recall fragments of a dream song. My song “Easy Fires” was dreamed and written from fragments of memory, at least the essence of it was. A song can also begin as a shy whisper, a barely audible murmur within. It isn’t the Muse exactly, but maybe the mythology has some basis in fact. I’ve occasionally had the impression upon listening to some other writer’s song that it was a specter that visited me once and got turned away because I wasn’t ready or willing to be its mouthpiece. We call it inspiration, yet what is inspiration but an urge to express what is yet to be fully understood by the artist. It is born of a glimpse and an impulse. The glimpse is only a possibility that flashes before the mind’s eye. The impulse is an inexorable desire to bring that vision to life (inspire literally... Sign In to Keep Reading

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