Guest Blog: Frank Viele On What The Road Has Taught Him

photo courtesy Andrew Wallach photo courtesy Andrew Wallach Music, most art for that matter, is a reflection on the society and times in which it is created.  Hitting the road for over 200 performances in the last two years introduced me to the nuances of a changing world fueled by social media interaction, counter cultures, and a search not for a voice, but for understanding.  This realization was the groundwork for the finishing touches to the songs which make up my first full-length album, “Fall Your Way.” From my earliest days as an artist, I always looked at the live element of music and studio recordings as interdependent entities.  When approached by a veteran record producer to make my first full-length album as a "solo artist," I charged into the recording studio the first day with almost 50 songs in various stages of completion.  He sat me in the live room with one microphone and said, "Play me everything you’ve got that has never been recorded."  So I did… We sat back and listened, and discovered a tremendous amount of ideas, melodies, and thought patterns.  My producer then gave me what he called the "So What Test" – after every line I sang, he would say "So What." and the next line I sang would basically have to answer that question and lead to the next part of the story. In doing so, he was teaching me how to properly convey my perspective lyrically, so the vocals, melody, and music would be able to act as a vehicle to deliver an understanding to an audience. After picking 13 tunes out of the 50 early ideas that we believed best displayed me as an artist, I realized that in order to effectively work on the delivery and lyrical nuances, and be confident that I was properly conveying these songs, I had to... Sign In to Keep Reading

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