Music Business Roundup: Project Lightning, Swift Leaves Out Apple, & More

Each week on Songwriter U, Songspace recaps the top stories in the world of music business. Here’s everything you need to know from the week ending on June 19th. Twitter Creates Lightning One of Twitter's main advantages is the fact that live events get tweeted about instantaneously. The social media platform has announced a new feature called Project Lightning that aims to better curate tweets around live events. It will help users gain important information surrounding current news, including relevant images and video. Read More... Taylor Swift Passes Up Apple Spotify was in the news a lot this year, and a lot of it was due to Taylor Swift taking her music off the service. The singer has now taken a stand with Apple as well, only offering her back catalog (and not the multi-platinum album 1989) for the paid streaming service. She currently has her back catalog on paid services such as Tidal and Rdio as well. Read More... Win For The UK Music Industry Last October, a "private copying exception" became part of the UK Copyright law, which essentially said that any consumer could duplicate any versions of songs they had purchased for personal use. The British High Court ruled in favor of the rights holders in a ruling this week, saying that it was... Sign In to Keep Reading

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