On The Road With The Bose Troubadour Tour

Photo Aug 01, 7 47 26 AM Left to Right: Jamie Kent, Megan Slankard, Matthew Szlachetka, Jeff Campbell For singer/songwriters Jamie Kent, Matthew Szlachetka, Jeff Campbell and Megan Slankard, networking with each other and working their business relationships became the key to furthering their touring career. The performers all met several years ago through their relationship using the Bose L1 system and have been collaborating on shows, songs, and recordings ever since. Eventually, a tour and collaboration was the natural next step. Each show is set up in a "writers round" style, with each artist taking turns sharing a song/story, and the others all supporting with their respective instruments and voices. The tour kicked off in Boston last week and is working its way through New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Wisconsin before winding up in Nashville. How did each of you meet. Was it in person at shows or through the Internet. JEFF CAMPBELL: Meg and I have known each other since around 2008 and met through the San Francisco scene. Jamie and Matt were both guys we knew of from touring (had no idea they knew each other so well though) and when our relationship with Bose came together, turns out we all had that love in common. MATT SZLACHETKA: I initially met Jamie Kent about 6 years ago.  We are both from Western, Mass. and coincidently studied with the same guitar teacher. I met Jeff and Megan through a venue we all play in Redding, CA called Vintage Wine Bar.  It is tied in with a bed and breakfast called Bridgehouse that normally houses the musicians who play there.  Both owners Janis Rollins Logan (Vintage Wine Bar) and Janelle Pierson (Bridgehouse) had told me about them, and... Sign In to Keep Reading

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