Music Business Roundup: Martin Bandier’s Letter, BBC Music Service, & More

maroon 5 Martin Bandier Talks DoJ's Proposal Earlier in the week, Sony/ATV's Chairman & CEO Martin Bandier wrote a letter to all of the company's songwriters. He urged them to go to the NMPA's (National Music Publisher's Association) town hall meeting in Nashville, and talk to people about the Department of Justice's proposal regarding new licensing rules. If you're confused about these issues like many in the industry, we suggest reading Songspace's article called "Consent Decrees and Hyperbole." Read More... BBC Plans For A New Music Service The main media company in the UK, The BBC, has announced plans for a new music streaming service. It would host around 50,000 songs that listeners would be able to access after a song was played on the radio or tv, with the goal being to "champion British music." BPI warns that fair deals would have to be struck with rights holders in order for this to work - as they can't stream music without paying anyone. Read More... BMI's Revenues Hit $1 Billion The PRO Broadcast Music, Inc. announced they racked up over $1 billion in collections for the year ending June 30, 2015. This is the second year in a row that they passed that mark, with... Sign In to Keep Reading

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