Guest Blog: Kris Orlowski on Co-Writing

"Co-writing can feel like a risk."

Kris Orlowski at Bumbershoot 2015 Photo by Amber Zbitnoff Kris Orlowski (pictured second from left) with his band at Bumbershoot 2015. Photo by Amber Zbitnoff

Seattle-based singer-songwriter Kris Orlowski released his debut album Believer in 2014. He supported that album with multiple national tours (Jamestown Revival, Ivan & Alyosha) and found song placements on primetime television (Grey's Anatomy, Tomorrow People, Hart of Dixie).  Kris and his band are currently recording their much anticipated sophomore album. Here, he offers his thoughts on the art and business of co-writing. 

I was writing songs for 10 years before I considered the idea of co-writing. Songs didn’t always come to me in an afternoon. My initial thought was, “how could I write a song with someone in 5 hours that I would sing for the next 5 years.” Since then, my thoughts about co-writing have changed.

In February 2014, I signed a publishing deal and the world of co-writing came into focus. It seemed that publishing and songwriting could be more of a team sport than I had anticipated. In February 2015 I went full time with music. Since signing my deal, I’ve completed 25+ co-write sessions with various writers and artists.

I‘ve noticed a gap in information about co-writing and decided to write an ebook to pass on some of the basics I’ve learned. Here are the cliff notes:


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