Yamaha RevStar Electric Guitars

maxresdefault Yamaha 502T RevStar

Could there be anyone better than Yamaha to subtly combine trendy design elements of motorcycles and electric guitars. With a common body style that hints of previous generations of Yamaha guitars and style elements borrowed from classic guitars and motorcycle designs, Yamaha’s new line of RevStar guitars not only look great, they are quality instruments that sport the quality hardware and electronics needed to produce great tone.

The new RevStar models are all similar in shape, with solid mahogany body designs, maple caps and mahogany necks. While these guitar models all have a bit of a retro look to them, each offers the player an instrument that plays well and can produce a surprisingly wide variety of tone. We found the two models we reviewed, the 502T and RS820CR, to be well built and equally playable with flat fingerboards, full c-shaped necks and jumbo frets. A useful feature of both models we reviewed was a tone control that pops up to act as a ‘dry switch.’ When engaged, this control is a high pass filter that rolls off some of the considerable ‘fatness’ that these guitars can produce. Unlike a ‘coil tap’ approach used to achieve a similar effect, the ‘dry switch’ gets you quickly to that classic single-pickup tone without losing the hum-cancelling properties of the humbucker pickups.

Revstar 502T

Street Price: $729

Each RevStar model offers a look flattered by standout custom hardware including the use of various tailpieces on the different models that both add... Sign In to Keep Reading

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