Kansas Bible Company: Growin’ Up

KBC3 Photo by Laura Partain

When Kansas Bible Company arrived in the late summer of 2011, Nashville was in the early stages of a boom that continues to precipitate significant changes. Landmarks disappear, rents increase, and amid the tide of newcomers, the city struggles to maintain the air of friendliness and accessibility that attracted them in the first place.

While the band is certainly aware of and affected by the subtle and not-so-subtle shifts — responding to noise complaints from new neighbors, the group recently moved their communal residence and recording studio from the Greenwood neighborhood to Inglewood, a few blocks deeper into East Nashville — they take them in stride.

“More and more bands keep moving to town, and the competition is there,” says KBC singer-guitarist Jake Miller. He’s notably upbeat, despite being sandwiched between his bandmates and a vanload of gear as they trek the 150 miles between dates in Goshen, Indiana, where the band formed as students in 2008, and the next gig in Indianapolis. “Ultimately, I think it’s just made us better. The amount of bands and the amount of people making music and doing art has just kind of lit a fire under us to do it to the best of our ability.”

That’s evident on Paper Moon, the group’s third full-length, which will drop in early June. For the first time, the band brought in an outside producer and worked in an unfamiliar studio. They spent ten days last spring at Brown Owl in Berry Hill with Skylar Wilson, whose credits include producing or co-producing (often with Jordan Lehning) albums for... Sign In to Keep Reading

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