D’Addario presents Guitar Power Acoustic video with Sean Watkins

Watch Sean discuss his playing, influences and gear

Sean-Watkins-Press-1-549x768 Since his days with Nickel Creek, Sean Watkins has always been something of a musician’s musician. On D’Addario’s latest Guitar Power Acoustic video series, the San Diego native discusses his upbringing and influences, and then segues into some nitty-gritty gear talk. After discussing tone and technique, Watkins demonstrates his impressive chops as he seamlessly navigates through “More Pretty Girls Than One,” the Woody Guthrie tune as performed by Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice. “I learned a lot of the rhythm playing I do now from that record, and “Red-Haired Boy,” an old Irish tune turned into an Appalachian bluegrass standard, among others." Sean uses D’Addario Phosphor Bronze and Nickel Bronze acoustic strings. His latest release, What To Fear, is out... Sign In to Keep Reading

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