Twin Peaks: Winging It

tp (left to r) Clay Frankel, Jack Dolan, Cadien Lake James, Colin Croom, and Connor Brodner. Photo by Daniel Topete

Can’t help but piss all my youth down the well/ And wave my hand watching it go/ If you gotta hold onto something/ You better hold onto yourself/ Your whole life is just space between holes,” sings Twin Peaks guitarist Clay Frankel on “Stain,” a jangly, slow-burning, backwards love song about life as a touring musician. The tour-worn perspective is one that shines through often on Down In Heaven, the band’s third full-length release and most accomplished work to date. Take bassist Jack Dolan's’ front-end track “My Boys,” an up-tempo singalong that celebrates the unique camaraderie formed within a band: “90 miles an hour down the fuckin’ street with my team, my boys/ Well it’s been so long since you said so long/ Remember what you promised them.

It has been a while since Frankel, Dolan, guitarist Cadien James, drummer Connor Brodner and keyboardist Colin Croom said “so long” to their home base of Chicago to embark on a seemingly endless tour, spending the better part of the last four years playing hundreds of shows across North America and the U.K. The gang of 22 year olds and 24-year-old Croom spent some of their most formative years on the road, learning to navigate life from the cramped middle seat of a passenger van. 

They’ve come far since those early days, trading tiny DIY venues for big, sold-out stages. “We started out in basement shows on our first tours and then toured through venues for two years while we weren’t of age and had to deal with... Sign In to Keep Reading

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