Making An EPK Stand Out

soundcloud-icon Soundcloud’s smartphone app also integrates the platform into personal listening devices like smartphones and tablets.

Services like Sonicbids, ReverbNation, ArtistECard and others offer digital spaces where all the needed aspects of an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) come together in a central place. At a minimum, this would include a handful songs, artist photographs, a biography, and contact information. If you are a more established musician, your EPK would likely also include music videos and press clippings. 

The first question to ask when developing an EPK is this: which particular third-party platform works for my music. There are a number of all-in-one platforms that make it very easy to have an EPK that is clean, easy-to-use and industry-standard.

If you prefer to go the DIY route instead, you have a creative, and potentially fun, challenge. How can you create a tight-knit, clean, and organized Internet presence to share with professionals and fans. The answer: by finding several platforms that work together to showcase all you or your band have to offer. Here are some of the Internet platforms that you can use to build coherent and unique online presence.

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Chance The Rapper released his first mix-tapes exclusively on Soundcloud, and three years later he is one of the most famous and successful musicians around. A clean and utility-driven platform, Soundcloud offers the option to make a playlist public or private, giving you... Sign In to Keep Reading

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