Dori Freeman: Blue Virginia Blues

dsc03434jpg_23408807233_o Photo by Zeno Gill One of the utopian promises of the internet was that music would be democratized, that independent artists would be able to receive instantaneous worldwide audiences without having to rely on major label marketing and carefully coordinated publicity campaigns. We’ve long since learned that promise, by and large, has proved false, but every now and then it delivers, providing artists with widespread fan-bases who otherwise may never have been heard. Dori Freeman, a 25-year-old singer and songwriter hailing from Galax, Virginia, is one of those artists. In February, Freeman released her self-titled label debut, and immediately began garnering rave reviews from everyone who managed to get their hands on the album. “East Nashville feels tapped out, and Austin was done many years ago,” wrote the alternative country publication Saving Country Music. “The best music happening right now you’re likely to never hear, unless you’re one of the lucky ones to stumble upon a local artist with world-class talent, an artist like Dori Freeman.” Released on the small Washington, D.C. label Free Dirt Records, Freeman has been utterly surprised by the acclaim and attention she’s received. “I didn’t go into the album with expectations,” she says, calling from home in Galax. “I just wanted to put it out and see how it did, and I’ve been certainly surprised and thrilled and flattered that it’s received the reception it’s gotten.” Dori Freeman is deserving of every bit of its praise. With influences that range from gospel to jazz to girl-group pop to ’50s country, Freeman delivers her original compositions with a calm confidence and sharp... Sign In to Keep Reading

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