Margaret Glaspy: Born At The Right Time

MargaretGlaspy_D_EbruYildizSince mentions of Margaret Glaspy’s songwriting prowess first started popping up in the beginning of 2016, the 27-year-old New Yorker, alt-rocker and critical darling has rapidly transformed into one of the contemporary music world’s greatest assets in the battle to bring guitar-driven music back into the popular sphere. If rock and roll still has a chance, Glaspy is likely to play a hand in reviving it. The positive attention has been a long time coming for the California-born singer-songwriter, who’s had her sights set on becoming a performing artist since she first picked up a guitar about 10 years ago. As a child, she grew up in a musical family and learned to play the fiddle, but didn’t try her hand at writing her own material until her late teens. And when she did, it stuck. “I just love it, I love writing songs,” says Glaspy. “I like that it’s so multifaceted. There’s just always something new to be had.” Like many artists who circle the fishbowl of the DIY world — which Glaspy got her start in during a stint as a student at Berklee in Boston — she was able to round up enough home equipment to start self-recording her songs, but not necessarily in a way she was satisfied with. “I always released EPs, little tiny small bodies of work, that I was excited about, but I didn’t have the resources to do it exactly the way I wanted to,” she says. As she worked towards writing a full album, Glaspy had an idea in mind of how she wanted it to sound and flow in a live setting — one that would enable her to perform completely on her own, just girl and guitar — so she shaped the record around it. “I wanted to be able to play all the songs solo and have them stand on their own two feet in that way, so that started... Sign In to Keep Reading

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