Mindset of the Successful Independent Musician: The Peter Sprague Interview

18) “You want to be in alignment with your parents. You want to at least attempt that because no matter how it all plays out having the support and blessing of your parents means a lot.” This was the first thing that Peter said when I asked him about essentials for success.

19) Study and emulate petersprague.com, one of the finest examples of a user-friendly, easy-on-the-eye website you will find. These are a few of my favorite things: Peter puts out a newsy update on his general activities and upcoming concerts every week, and I always look forward to seeing it in my inbox because his style is humorous and congenial; it’s like getting a letter from a close friend. He’s never trying to sell you anything; he seems more interested in sharing a musical experience with you. The links at the top of the page are atmospheric: Home, The Sky, Propaganda, Gigs, Store, SpragueLand, Media, The Loop. Instead of “blog posts,” he has “Fresh News.” Unless he’s on the road, Peter never fails to answer his email within 24 hours. If there was only one lesson to be learned from the website it would be accessibility. He uses the web to build relationships with fans. And another thing, I know I will never see the phrase “One weird trick...” anywhere, anytime.

20) Persevere! Sure it’s a cliché, but whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The Interview

I decided to kick things off by talking about something we have in common: surfing. I thought the conversation might segue smoothly into some comparisons with music:

PS: There are times when you get a wave, and it’s a great wave and you can make... Sign In to Keep Reading

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