Strand Of Oaks: Out Of Chaos

images-uploads-gallery-64660008-1 Photo by Maclay Heriot

Timothy Showalter is having a splendid day. He hasn’t been raving at an international music festival, or been taking psychedelics in the desert, nor has he even been touring the country with his rock band, or, in general, taken part in any of the antics that the mastermind behind Strand of Oaks, Showalter’s recording moniker, has become notorious for over the past several years. Instead, on this sunny Philadelphia afternoon in late December, Showalter is in a wonderfully good mood after going on a long walk and purchasing a particularly tasty Americano at his local coffee shop. He’s enjoying some rare time off in between a European promotional tour he’s just finished and the impending full year of touring behind his new studio album, Hard Love, that he’s about to release.

Showalter’s newfound fondness for a peaceful home life is one of the central themes running throughout Hard Love. It can be heard plainly on “Quit It,” in which he sings “I’d give up my best times for some order” several times. Or, on the album’s opening title track, an ode to lasting love in which Showalter repeats the line “Good love, we don’t hold it enough” during the song’s emotive chorus.

“Someone was just asking me last week about that song,” Showalter says of the latter. “They were trying to dig some deep meaning out of the lyrical content, and I was just like, ‘that song’s just about wanting my wife to get home off the train because I really want to have sex when she gets home. It’s not complicated: I... Sign In to Keep Reading

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