Jadea Kelly On Vulnerability In Songwriting, Conquering Stage Fright

For our Songwriter U "Guest Blog" series, singer-songwriter Jadea Kelly expounds on how she conquered stage fright as a performer. She also talks about the importance of being vulnerable as a songwriter. You can also check out her new tune "Can't Outrun" below. "This song was written about people who run from one unhealthy relationship to another, without actually learning to be alone and facing their own demons," Kelly says of the track. Having worked as a songwriter and touring musician for nearly 10 years, vulnerability and stage fright are common phrases in my vocabulary. They are also interconnected emotions and often necessary when living a life in the arts. Great songs come from a vulnerable, transparent heart, and great performances come from adrenaline and excitement. Whether it’s Katy Perry, Dave Grohl or your local open-mic host, mastering the art of honest songwriting and a compelling performance is rewarding. It’s uncomfortable, but also the job of the artist to stew in an emotion and write from it. That’s where “Purple Rain” and “I Can’t Make you Love Me” came from! And where would we be without those songs. Stage Fright My own personal struggle with stage fright and anxiety started from a young age. Whether it was reading aloud in front of my school classroom, volunteering as an altar server at Sunday mass or performing at my high school talent shows, my nerves and anxiety were ramped up like an Energizer bunny. As time went on, the visible shaking calmed, and my voice lost its nervous quiver, but I still wrestle with stage fright every night before the curtain opens. If you’re a musician who experiences the same mental roller coaster, rest assured that it happens to every single performer you... Sign In to Keep Reading

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