Julie Covington, “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”

Anyone who’s ever been to a Broadway musical, either in New York City or via a touring company near their town, knows that there will be a big, emotional ballad coming down the pike at some point. The worst excesses of these songs and their verisimilitude were parodied brilliantly in Spamalot’s “The Song That Goes Like This.” But the best of them truly can stop the show, causing the house to applaud so wildly that a break needs to be taken before the action resumes. “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” certainly qualifies as a legitimate showstopper, even if it made its way to the stage only after a detour to the radio. The song is the emotional centerpiece of Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, which was conceived and recorded originally in 1976 as a concept album centered upon one-time Argentinian ruling couple Juan and Eva Peron. British singer and actress Julie Covington was chosen to portray Eva on the album and sing the song that’s meant to resemble one of the emotional speeches she gave to her adoring public. According to Rice’s recollections in the book 1,000 UK #1 Hits by Jon Kutner and Spencer Leigh, Covington was a bit of a reticent hitmaker, even though the song rose to #1 in Britain. “"When the single began to show signs of being a hit, she got less and less interested in the project,” Rice remembered. “She began to back away from it and began to feel it was a fascist plot, that we were exploiting the workers. I'm exaggerating a bit but she definitely disapproved of the success of 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina'." The song and album were naturals for a stage presentation, which it eventually became a few years later. Patti LuPone’s powerful take on the song on Broadway is probably the definitive one, but... Sign In to Keep Reading

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