Torres: One Universe Blues

  Photo by Ashley Connor We weren’t sure when we’d hear new music from Mackenzie Scott — better known as Torres — again after the release of her brilliant 2015 album Sprinter, but it turns out the time has come sooner than later. The Georgia native-turned-Brooklynite recently dropped a new full-length record, Three Futures, her third since 2013. Once again, Scott returned to the co-producer role, reuniting with Sprinter co-producer Rob Ellis for another 10 tracks. Recorded in Manchester and Dorset, England in late summer of last year, the album is a rich fabric of emotional highs and lows, covering themes of uncertainty, lust, bitterness, gratitude and nostalgia. Sonically, it’s somewhat darker than Sprinter, but lyrically, many of the songs — though they often touch on heavy subject matter— carry an air of optimism, as though Scott is viewing each topic through a newly discovered lens of gentleness and understanding. “The album as a whole is meant to be a celebration of the body as a mechanism of joy and all that comes with it, even the sorrow,” says Scott. Title track “Three Futures” is a perfect representation of that sentiment. It’s a powerful look back at a past romance through which the narrator attempts to tie up the many loose ends remaining long after the sparks have died out. With a palpable sense of remorse, the narrator lays out for their scorned lover what was really going on as the relationship started to unravel, explaining how they had to make a decision between three possible paths, each leading to an entirely different future:             I hope that’s what you’ll remember... Sign In to Keep Reading

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