Birdcloud: Birds Of A Feather

Makenzie Green (left) and Jasmin Kaset. Photo by William Aubrey Reynolds

Country music is in a strange state these days. While there’s always been a rift between the kind of commercial music that gets played on country radio and all the rest, in recent years that rift has become something of a gulf, one not unlike the divide seen in today’s political climate.

In some ways, though, that gulf has been a fruitful one. It’s sparked a number of important conversations — whether female artists should be treated as nothing more than garnish, for example — and has inadvertently led to a renaissance of left-leaning country and roots music.

It also gave us Birdcloud. The Nashville-based duo of Makenzie Green and Jasmin Kaset make the rare kind of music that marries sensibilities from the most extreme points on either end of the country spectrum. With songs like “Saving Myself For Jesus” and “I Like Black Guys,” they offer up social commentary through humor and exaggerated twang, achieving maximum impact by refusing to hold back. They write what they know, and often what they know is what makes them laugh.

Meeting over lunch at Nashville restaurant Butcher & Bee, Makenzie Green and Jasmin Kaset are just as in sync as they are onstage, their natural chemistry giving way to plenty of laughs and little conversational riffs that could double as stand-up bits. That doesn’t mean they don't get serious, though, or that they don’t take their music seriously.

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