Bully: Self-Preservation

Photo by Alysse Gafkjen

Bully’s Alicia Bognanno has a lot going on for her. Armed with a powerful voice, sharp riffs, and an engineering background famously honed at Steve Albini’s studio, it’s no surprise that her 2015 album Feels Like was one of the year’s finest debuts. But no one really has it all, and it’s this universal truth that comes through on Bully’s latest album Losing.

Finding a new home on Sub Pop, the grunge-indebted act continues to capture life in a constant state of flux. “I feel like I’ll take forever just to get a little better,” Bognanno sings on “You Could Be Wrong,” a thread that’s woven throughout the album, from opener “Feel The Same” to the self-improvement anthem “Focused.” While she often writes about restlessness, what she puts on record is a concrete declaration of growth.

“Certain ways I had written before were becoming a little boring to me,” Bognanno says. “I just wanted to change it up, and I think that was the result of me wanting to challenge myself a little more and challenge myself in the direction of songwriting. There’s more going on with the guitars and the songs are longer, and there’s more space in the vocals.”

The nonstop touring that followed Bully’s first album gave Bognanno plenty of time to reflect on her work, as well as start crafting the building blocks that became Losing.

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