Jakob Dylan To Hit The Road In November

Jakob Dylan will kick off his upcoming fall tour on November 9th in Columbia, Missouri at The Blue Note. With six confirmed concert dates, the mid west tour will stop at cities in Oklahoma, travel back through Missouri, and finish … Continued

Jakob Dylan, “Holy Rollers For Love”

Down from the mountain out walking the flood I see the future in this setting sun Unfolded gardens uncover the earth as it was Filled with canteens and tear gas From this last voyage of us Ain’t no gentlemen here … Continued

JAKOB DYLAN > Women And Country

JAKOB DYLAN Women And Country (COLUMBIA) Rating: On his second solo album, Women and Country, Jakob Dylan has teamed with T Bone Burnett to create an ambitious record of finely-chiseled songs with lush, sweeping instrumentation. The record marks Dylan’s reunion … Continued

Great Quotations: Jakob Dylan

“I never listen to music and think anybody’s being honest. I don’t think honesty makes better music. Three-and-a-half minutes of transporting you somewhere, that’s how I see it. That’s not to say there haven’t been great songs that have done … Continued

JAKOB DYLAN > Seeing Things

Wallflowers’ frontman Jakob Dylan wanders into the realm of acoustic guitar and minimal instrumentation…

Daily Discovery: Dylan Jakobsen, “Can’t Believe You’re Gone”

ARTIST: Dylan Jakobsen SONG: “Can’t Believe You’re Gone” BIRTHDATE: July 25th, 1993 HOMETOWN: Seattle, WA CURRENT LOCATION: Seattle, WA AMBITIONS: To see the world and tell a story through music TURN-OFFS: When somebody gets airplay off a song with no substance behind it. TURN-ONS: A song with … Continued

Bob Dylan: Odds and Ends

Roger Waters (via The Howard Stern Show) “Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands” changed my life. When I heard that, I thought, “If Bob can do it, I can do it” … It’s twenty minutes long … It’s a whole … Continued