Joni Mitchell Returns, Clarifies Dylan Comments

Joni Mitchell doesn’t really like interviews. They take too long. They focus too heavily on her Blue period. And sometimes, they wind up pissing off millions of Bob Dylan fans. “The interviewer was an asshole.” That’s a new quote from … Continued

Joni Mitchell “Slanders” Bob Dylan

Look out, Bob! Joni Mitchell is kind of pissed at you. In a recent and rare interview with the LA Times, Mitchell, who was taking time out to discuss the tribute show “Paved Paradise: The Art of Joni Mitchell,” had … Continued

Comment Of The Moment: Joni vs. Bobby

Our comment trail on whether Joni Mitchell “slandered” Bob Dylan after she called him a thief in a recent interview blazes on. Some of you could probably stand to be kinder to Joni, who we feel is one of the … Continued