Like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams is one of the few country artists to fully cross over into the mainstream…

Hank Williams: Inside His Lost Notebooks

Almost as though he knew his time in this world would be short, Hank Williams developed a habit of constantly jotting down ideas on napkins, receipts, hotel stationery, and any other scrap of paper that would take ink. While his … Continued

Various Artists: The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams

Various Artists The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams (Egyptian/Columbia) Rating: Sometime in the early morning of the first day of 1953, while traveling between Virginia and West Virginia, Hank Williams died at the age of 29. Among his possessions was … Continued

RANDY WEEKS > Going My Way

Randy Weeks’ biggest claim to fame is composing Lucinda Williams’ hit “Can’t Let Go.” On Going My Way, he drops a slew of charmers with more hit potential, aided by producer Will Sexton and a crew of Austin’s finest players.