#3: FiRe 1.3 iPhone App


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FiRe 1.3 is a field recording application for the iPhone and iPod Touch featuring iZotope-powered processing and direct Podcast publishing.

The FiRe 1.3 field recorder has a user-friendly transport making it a great tool for songwriting. It is simply laid out with an Input Meter, Waveform, Play Head, Record/Overdub, and Play/Stop. Double click the Waveform far left of the Play Head to rewind to the beginning, and double click the far right to fast-forward to the end. Clicking directly on the Play Head will create a marker. Then double clicking the Waveform near left of the Play Head will rewind to the previous marker, and double clicking the near right will fast-forward to the next.

One special feature of FiRe 1.3 is audio signal processing powered by iZotope. These are preset effects including the following: Live Concert Outdoors, Rumble Reducer, Hiss Reducer, Male Voice Enhancer, Female Voice Enhancer, Mild Compression, Soft Clip Limiter, Hard Clip Limiter, Bass Booster, and Noise Gate.

The most notable feature of the FiRe is the Podcast Export. FiRe 1.3 is the first application offering the ability to publish Podcasts directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch. When publishing Podcasts, markers are automatically converted into chapters.

FiRe 1.3 can compress audio files to AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis formats, and it features a SoundCloud API.


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