Mandy Moore Talks Marriage To Ryan Adams, New Musical Crush


Forget about Ryan Adams being retired. That was just a joke.  The economy might crash, but Ryan Adams’ songwriting well will not run dry.

“In terms of collaborating in the future, I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility, but right now, I’m kind of just psyched about this record and getting my band on the road,” Mandy Moore, Adams’ blushing bride, tells MTV News. Moore’s sixth album,  Amanda Leigh is due 5/26.

“Lots of exciting things going on in my world right now. I’m very happy — very, very happy,” says Moore. Would the couple ever consider a joint tour? “You know, if he ever needs a job or something, maybe he can audition for the band” she jokes. “Other than that, I think we’ll both just stick to being supportive of each other on the sidelines.”

In an interview with Details, the actress/musician said that Adams is currently giving her guitar and piano lessons, calling him  her “in-home teacher.” She also gives a shout out to her new musical crush, Robin Pecknold. Uh oh, Ryan, don’t be jealous.

“Last year, I was obsessed with Fleet Foxes, and I still am. I found their [Sun Giant] EP at the record store — I liked the cover, so I picked it up. I love them. I actually exchanged one email with [Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold] last year. I was like, “I want to write with him!” He was so nice — such a deep, intense music guy. He was really inquisitive about, “What kind of record is this? What do you want to write about?” Obviously he wouldn’t have been listening to my music. I just thought it was so cool of him. He said, ‘I’d love to, but we’re busy.’ I was such a nerdy fan, like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe he wrote me!'”

Meanwhile, Ryan Adams has posted some new tunes online, under the guise of his side project, Werewolph, entitled “Dead People Unite,” “Evil Weekend” and “Mega Wizards.”