Video Premiere: Lightyear, “It Beats”

Check out this brilliant video from Lightyear, the latest project from Brooklyn musician Lauren Zettler. The song comes from Lightyear’s 2011 debut EP, All Of The Miles (listen here).

“I wanted to fill the video with bold, tactile imagery shot in a simple, elegant manner,” says director Kristen Winter. “Even though it is in black and white, I want the viewer to feel the blood flowing through the video’s veins. The first idea that came to mind was squeezing paint between one’s fingers- something I used to love doing as a kid in art class. From there, we came up with other ideas such as the gold leaf painting and glitter face washing.”

“Lucky for me,” continues Winter, “Lauren was up for every idea thrown her way. The gold leaf stop motion sequence took four hours to shoot and she didn’t let out a single peep of complaint. I think she could have a second career as a Navy Seal if she decides that music isn’t her thing.” Adds Zettler: “The gold leaf application process took a long time but I think it’s my favorite part of the video – both the body being covered by it and the movement shot around the mouth. It’s such a tactile material and looks so striking on camera.”