Video Premiere: Flagship, “Backseat”

Meet North Carolina indie rockers Flagship, part of the armada of musicians heading to SXSW this year (they’ll play the Swan Dive on March 16). The band’s debut single “Backseat” will hit iTunes in April, but you can check out the video below.

“Backseat” plays an important role in Flagship’s history. “This song came together in only 30 minutes,” frontman Drake Margolnick tells American Songwriter. “We were all sitting around playing and I just starting singing the first thing that came into my head. It’s different from how we’ve approached any other song we’ve ever done — usually we have lyrics or an idea of what we want to say before we start writing, but this song just poured out of us. It’s also the first song that we all wrote together as a band, and symbolizes the moment we knew this band was gonna be amazing.”