Video Premiere: The Smoking Flowers, “Something I Said”

smoking flowers

Smoking Flowers, the East Nashville singer-songwriter duo of Kim and Scott Collins, is quietly building hype. Well, not quietly exactly as the pair specialize in their own brand of blues-rock (with “a sweet flavor of Southern Gothic”) but they do take it down a few notches, matching the minimalist arrangement with solo shots of the performers, in their latest video for the haunting slowburn “Something I Said.”

“The video is yet another exercise in minimalism for us,” Says Scott Collins of the Allen Clark-directed spot. “Something we dwell in often, in regards to our music.  We wanted the video to create a modern twist on classic film noir by evoking dusky and stark black and white contrasts, but yet filming it all in color.  The obvious and natural yin and yang symbolism could then shine through… the interdependence of light and dark, male and female, the sun and the stars. 

“The bulk of the challenge in filming this video fell on Kim and her acting performance, as she had to delicately emote and be able to engage the viewer for nearly the whole song.  ‘Something I Said’  is definitely the black sheep of our new album, 2 Guns, in which it is the only song that Kim takes the vocal completely solo, abandoning our signature two part arrangement.  I do my “singing” through guitar only and Kim does not play an instrument, as she normally would.”

2 Guns  is the Smoking Flowers sophomore effort and will be released August 20.

Something I Said from The Smoking Flowers on Vimeo.

Something I Said – The Smoking Flowers from The Smoking Flowers on Vimeo.