Album Premiere: Brian Wright, Rattle Their Chains

brian wright

The last time Bright Wright made a record, he kept the studio doors closed, only allowing one person — co-producer Mike Vizcarra — to help him nail down the tracks for 2011’s House on Fire. 

“I played most of the instruments,” Wright says. “I just wanted to hole up and make a record by myself.”

When it came time to start working on another one, though, Wright threw a wrench into the works. The new songs — a mix of Texas country, roadhouse rock & roll and high-plains folk — were in line with House on Fire’s sound, but the approach was different, with Wright working alongside a full band instead of overdubbing each instrument himself. The result is Rattle Their Chains, a record that’s louder and broader than anything he’s done before.

“I was in a really good place, going out and playing bar gigs with my friends,” he explains, “and that’s what I wanted this record to sound like. A group of friends in one room playing rock and roll together.”

Look for Rattle Their Chains on September 10, and preview the whole album here.