Song Premiere: The Royal Oui, “When You Lose Your Mind”

royal oui

Earlier this week, The Royal Oui put the finishing touches on their new EP. It’ll be the duo’s first release, but bandmates (and lovebirds) Ari Shine and Adrienne Pierce have been recording music for years, working separately as solo artists before carving out The Royal Oui’s hazy, swooning sound together.

The two trade harmonies over arpeggiated guitar and sporadic percussion on “When You Lose Your Mind,” the EP’s lead single.

“We have a running joke that only one of us can lose our mind at any given time,” says Shine. “We take turns and alternate between being the crazy one and the calming influence. We started writing ‘When You Lose Your Mind’ during a spell in New York before heading back to the West Coast. The verses were written in the oppressive heat of an east coast summer, and the chorus was finished during a Spring downpour in Vancouver, BC. The song is a little reminder to us that tough times pass and everything changes. It’s almost like an ode to teamwork and the reciprocal nature of relationships.”

The EP is called Forecast. And things are looking bright.