Song Premiere: Arthur Channel, “16 Children”


Up and coming singer-songwriter Jon Greene describes the music of his band, Arthur Channel, as “atmospheric alternative rock and roll with a dash of haunting folk melodies.”  The other members are seasoned musicians – Jack Irons (ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam), Greg Richling (Fiona Apple, Wallflowers), Alain Johannes (ex-Queens of the Stone Age, Eleven).  The End Records will release Arthur Channel’s self-titled debut album on October 15.

Greene wrote most of the songs during his stay in a northern California cabin. He describes “16 Children,” one of a handful of tracks that deal with metaphysical themes:

“This song is about innocent and uncomplicated excitement for the world at large met with the stinging realities of growing up. When finding something that anchors you becomes important. Its essentially about my move to Los Angeles. I had Paul McCartney on the brain when I wrote it.”