Busking Basics: Natalie Gelman’s Steps for Successful Street Performing

Busking hones your chops for every aspect of a live show and the skills you need to make it successful, especially for an independent musician just starting out. Research Looking for a great spot to busk is just like booking a tour and it involves researching venues, the time of the week, the city and routing so you wind up with a gig at a genre appropriate venue on a night people are likely to come out. First, research the city’s rules around street performing. Then watch and talk to other buskers and study what seems to work for them. Generally, a good space is centrally located with lots of continuous foot traffic and a captive audience. However, not every spot is good all day every day. Notice what is around the location - is it a blue-collar crowd where you should play during their lunch hour, near a college where afternoons might be better or a hip part of town where late evening is okay? Time and location also depends on the kind of person you are. If you’re a mellow acoustic performer, late evening might actually be a great fit as people wind down from the day. I…

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