Song Premiere: PigPen Theatre Co., “Song From the Stone”


Days after finishing their debut album, the seven members of PigPen Theatre Co. — an award-winning band and off-Broadway theater troupe — started writing a new tune. They called it “Song from the Stone,” filling its three-and-a-half minutes with acoustic guitar, accordion, harmonies and enough Brit-folk melodies to make Mumford & Sons jealous.

“Since it was too late to put on the album, we put it into the opening sequence of our new play,” the band told us in an email, “and we’ve watched it grow into a fan favorite over the past year. We were thrilled to finally have the time arrange and record a studio version for the new EP.”

Guest Blog: PigPen Theatre Co.

That EP, The Way I’m Running, was recorded during a busy tour earlier this summer. The guys would play a weekend festival, drive back to New York City for a night or two, and work on their new project before leaving town again. Rob Robinson, Jr., who worked on the band’s debut, produced the sessions.

“The songs on the EP are a taste of the direction we’re heading as a band,” the guys explained, “as we’ve already started writing for the new album while retaining the storytelling tradition we’ve worked with in the past.”

Here’s the song that started it all.