Song Premiere: Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes, “Tourniquet”

Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes
The Band:
Nashville-based indie rockers Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes
The Song:
“Tourniquet,” a track from the band’s sophomore album Kid Tiger, out March 4.
Fun fact: Singer Daniel Ellsworth was a contestant on the third season of NBC’s The Sing-Off. On the show, Ellsworth was part of an a cappella group called The Collective, which was formed by nine Nashville artists.
Sounds like: A dancey indie-pop track that’s about to top your “most played” list.
Songwriter says: “‘Tourniquet’ was written when a lot of people around us were going through relationships that were falling apart. It’s about someone in the relationship trying to hold on, when the other person realizes that there’s nothing left to fight for. Maybe their aspirations got in the way of the relationship, maybe – after all the trying, fighting, crying, and yelling – they just weren’t meant for each other. It’s about someone finally saying, ‘Look, I give up.’ So, you know… a happy song.”