Video Premiere: Amy Lynn & The Gunshow, “Don’t Trip On The Glitter”

Amy Lynn Gunshow Band
The Video: 
“Don’t Trip On The Glitter”
The Artist: Sassy New York brass band Amy Lynn & The Gunshow
The Album: Don’t Trip On The Glitter, out April 29th.
Songwriter Says: “We shot the video in one day last November,” Lynn tells us. “We were in the middle of nowhere, in a barn. Our previous video included guests ripping apart a wedding cake and we had so much fun getting messy, we knew we wanted to do something messy in this one. 35 gallons of paint later, the space was transformed from four blank white walls to four panels ready to be displayed at the nearest art gallery. This mess was inspired by Jackson Pollock with a little glitter thrown in as a nod to the title of the song. I wrote the song after a bad relationship ended. He was not ready to be supportive of my career in music and so I had to make sure he didn’t trip on my success as he was leaving.” Zing!