Song Premiere: Rachael Sage, “New Destination”

rachael sage 2014
(Photo: Shervin Lainez)

Here’s a brand new tune from hard-working pop songwriter Rachael Sage. Sage will release an EP and her 11th studio album later this year, and is planning a massive tour.

“‘New Destination’ was inspired by going to see Carole King’s Broadway musical, Beautiful,” Sage tells us. “I came home with ‘I Feel The Earth Move’ in my head, determined to write an upbeat groove-tune on the piano with a classic, pop hook. What I ended up with was a song for a close friend going through a bad breakup who needed a big pep-talk and a completely new perspective.

“It’s bit more pop/rock than some of my past recordings, and it’s the first song I’ve ever worked on with producer Barb Morrison (Deborah Harry, Rufus Wainwright), who I’ve admired for years. It was such a blast working with her – she has great respect for pop craftsmanship and is also hilariously funny, which I always appreciate in the studio!”