Song Premiere: Luluc, “Small Window”

The Artist: Luluc
The Song: “Small Window”from the album Passerby available July 15.
Fun Fact: The National’s Aaron Dessner co-produced the album, and brought in members of The National, Bon Iver, Beirut and Sufjan Steven’s band to play on it. 
Songwriter Says: “‘Small Window’ was drawn from the sometimes enchanting space between dreaming and waking,” says Luluc’s Zoe Randell. It started from a small poem written on a plane, the keen listener might be able to guess where. We ended up recording it in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn with Aaron Dessner in his garage/studio. Aaron played piano and harmonium on it and then called in a couple of friends who came and added drums and upright bass. We chose the song as the opening track for our new record, Passerby.”