How To Make It Big, Or Rock Trying: An Overview Of “Everything You Need To Know About The Music Biz in 2014”

old town school of folk music The Old Town School of Folk Music, in Chicago Now that you have music and an online presence, here comes the real work: marketing. The first rule of marketing from the Sound Opinions team. Be unique. “It’s a bonus to have a unique angle or story to tell to your audience,” DeRogatis asserted. “The first 1,000 vinyls of Steve Albini’s debut EP with Big Black included a gift with each copy, such as a used razor or a condom.” While giving out contraceptives and weapons isn’t a requirement for your strategy, Kot and DeRogatis make a good point. Creativity goes a long way, and a little research doesn’t hurt, either. If you’re a punk band, Google nearby venues that book similar acts and work to make a name for yourself in that scene. Something like, “Our sound marries the manic lunacy of the Sex Pistols with the political awareness of the Dead Kennedys,” captures the imagination far better than simply listing names of bands you like. A common music industry cliché is that it’s all about who you know. And if you don’t know anyone yet, that’s okay – thanks to the Internet, reaching fans can be as easy as learning the opening riff to “Smoke On The Water.” It just takes a little networking. When it comes to contacting venues or booking agents, persistence and patience are key. If someone doesn’t write back immediately, don’t despair. They get hundreds of emails just like yours, which is why it also doesn’t hurt to use an eye-catching subject line. “DON’T MISS OUT ON BOOKING THE GREATEST BAND EVER!!!” has a better chance of getting opened than, say, “Indie band looking for show.” Building buzz around your shows has a lot to... Sign In to Keep Reading

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