Daily Discovery: Strange Familia, “Odes”



ARTISTStrange Familia

SONG: “Odes”

We started writing “Odes” in November of last year before we had officially started playing music together as a band. Originally the lyric and melody felt very somber, but over time, it evolved into something hopeful. Perhaps an outward display of the relationship being developed within the band.

HOMETOWN: Salt Lake City


AMBITIONS: Don’t get arrested. Make a nice record.

TURN-OFFS: It’s fine if you’re going to use my toothpaste, but please put the lid back on. There is no greater turn-off than a lidless tube covered in day-old paste.

TURN-ONS: The remake of the TV show Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson has been doing it for us lately.

DREAM GIG: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “When I was young I dreamt of a passionate obligation to a roommate…” (Father John Misty: “Bored in the USA”)

SONG I WISH I WROTE: “Thriller.”

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: It would be nice if the four of us could go to dinner with a clone of Mark Swink and just kind of talk about how funny the situation was.

OUR FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: We just played a show with our buddies from Desert Noises and Golden Sun. It was a farewell to the former as they were relocating to Nashville and a homecoming to the latter having spent the last year working on a record in Los Angeles. It’s definitely one we will remember.

WE WROTE THIS SONG: This song can be interpreted a few different ways. But at it’s core, it’s about the friends you save, and the friends who save you.