Music Business Roundup: “Happy Birthday” Copyright, UphoricTV & More

happy birthday

“Happy Birthday” Copyright Claims Invalid
If you’ve ever been in a restaurant and they sing for someone’s birthday, you’ll notice they never sing the traditional “Happy Birthday” song. That’s due to Warner/Chappell (and previously other publishers) claiming the copyright to the original song. A court has finally ruled those copyright claims invalid, stating there is no evidence Summy Co., who originally claimed copyright, ever had the rights to the song legally. The work will be classified public domain from now on, and Warner/Chappell will lose out on $2 million in revenue each year.
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UphoricTV to Broadcast Music Festivals
The channel called UphoricTV will start releasing exclusive content from music festivals around the world. The program was announced earlier in the year, but has reportedly been building up content since then from festivals such as Bonnaroo and the Oasis Festival. They’ll be showing performances and exclusive interviews with artists. No official release date has been announced.
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Jukely’s Subscription Service
For streaming music whenever you want for a monthly rate, you have services like Spotify or Apple Music. For seeing as many concerts as you want for a monthly rate, now you have Jukely. The concert subscription program offers members exclusive concerts and unlimited admittance into shows booked or promoted by their service. The goal of the company is to draw out crowds for upcoming artists.
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Journalists Leave Music
The music industry is constantly changing, and one new side effect of this was made even more apparent this week: music journalism is losing reporters to other aspects of the industry. USA Today reporter Brian Mansfield has left his 18 year long post to head up content for Shore Fire Media, just one example of recent exits in the journalism field.
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40 Under 40 List
Last week we reported on Billboard’s Music/TV list, and this week they have released their annual “40 Under 40” list. This comprehensive list takes a look at the best young professionals in areas like agencies, publishing, and labels. It’s important to check out because these people are being innovative within their companies, and they could be running them before too long.
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