Album Premiere: Sarah Potenza, Monster


The artist: Sarah Potenza, a Nashville-based blues soulstress from Rhode Island who sprang into American living rooms last year with her appearance on NBC’s “The Voice.”

The album: Monster, her debut full-length album, out August 19

Songwriter says: “The album Monster was originally titled My Turn. I had this idea that the album was going to be about the trials and tribulations of every day American blue-collar struggle. Could the “American Dream” still be achieved though grit and determination? Could hard work and passion really pay off? Then reality TV came knocking on the door, I opened it, and the idea of Monster came walking through. I wrote new songs and worked to create a more clear and powerful message. A message of hope, a message of rejoicing in our inadequacies. The idea now was to make an album that could help lift people up, inspire them to keep going, to keep perusing their dreams and that they are not alone. Not just shining a light on struggle, but the idea that there is power in being yourself.”

Stream Monster in its entirety below: