Song Premiere: Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward, “Steppin’ Into Sunshine”

Check out “Steppin’ Into Sunshine,” Americana rockers Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward’s new single from their upcoming album Bomber Heights, out September 16.

“When I wrote Sunshine, or most of it anyways, I had gotten into the habit of sitting down and working up about 4 or 5, several new finger-style guitar parts every week; the goal at the time was to get practice as much as it was to end up with usable works,” says Danny Skinner,¬†who plays accordion, banjo and harmonica in the band. “They’d pretty much always have a bass part, a moving chord structure and a strong melody built into them over which I would put a counterpoint vocal melody and verse. Most of the songs from that writing period are lost to time, but Sunshine stuck with me through all the seasons, year to year; I loved it, it never grew old to me and it’s meaning would age and change as I did myself. And when Rodney suggested we record it, threw in some ideas for what a b-part might look like and we worked those up together, it matured from a tune I’d been carrying around for my self, in my pocket, to a full-fledged song I wanted to sing to the world.”

Listen to “Steppin’ Into Sunshine” below.